Event Type:   Indoor exclusively LAN Event.


  • Lab 1
  • Lab 3

Date: 29 Feb 2024

Time:  9 AM onwards.

Event Description:

Are you ready to take your PUBG Mobile skills to the next level? Join us for an epic showdown of intense PUBG Mobile competition at our National Level LAN Event! Represent your region, gather your best squad, and prepare for an electrifying gaming experience like never before.

This event brings together the best PUBG Mobile players from across the country to compete in a high-stakes LAN gaming environment. With state-of-the-art gaming setups and top-notch competition, this is your chance to prove your mettle and showcase your skills on a national stage.

Event Highlights:

  • National Level Competition: Compete against top PUBG Mobile teams from different universities of the country, showcasing your skills at a national level and representing your university with pride.
  • LAN Gaming Environment: Play PUBG Mobile in a cutting-edge LAN setup, providing minimal latency and ensuring a smooth gaming experience for maximum competitive gameplay.
  • Professional Gameplay: Test your strategic gameplay, communication, and teamwork against the best of the best in the PUBG Mobile community, and learn from top players to improve your skills.

Registration Fee:

  • Teams can register for the registration at a fee of Rs. 1000/- per team, which covers event management expenditure and prize money for the winners.
  • The competition is limited to a maximum of 32 teams.
  • Teams will be entertained on the first come first served basis.

Prize Money:

Towards the end of the competition prize money will be awarded to winners:

The prize money will be announced later depending on the total number of registrations.