Poster/Logo Designing Competetion

The poster designing competition is an event that invites participants to showcase their creativity and design skills by creating a visual representation of a particular theme or topic. Participants can use various design tools and techniques to create a poster that communicates a message, conveys an idea, or promotes a product or service.

Rules of competition/event:

A topic will be given before the start of the competition and the participants will design the poster in 3 hours.
Allowed software’s:

  1. Bring your laptop
  2. Adobe Photoshop
  3. Adobe Illustrator
  4. InDesign
  5. CorelDRAW

(Email on [email protected] if you have expertized in any other graphics designing software)

Number of participants per team:  One

Number of target registrations:  25

Fee per team:  Rs. 500

Total budget required. Required 2 to 3 printed posters for advertising.

Date:  29 Feb 2024