Coding Competition

Organizing Team Members:

    1. Maida Shahid

Event Type: 

Coding Competition

Programming Challenging Format:

Scenario Based Programming Questions. Domains include Programming fundamentals, Object Oriented Programming, Data Structures and Algorithms.


CS Lab 1, Computer Science Department, UET, Lahore


28-29 Feb 2024


11 AM to onwards

Event Description:

Code Clash is a great way to enhance the students coding skills, challenge them and engage with other students who share their interests.

Following are the objectives of Code Clash.

    1. To ignite interest among the computer science community of Pakistan, encourage them to reach out to each other, compete, and develop their coding skills.
    2. To encourage creativity, enhance the problem-solving skills and develop new ideas and approaches to solving problems
    3. to develop the ability to work under pressure and solve problems efficiently in a time-constrained environment.
    4. To promote teamwork and collaboration.
    5. To prepare the students for international software companies like google and Facebook.

Participate in the Code Clash and Unleash your coding skills and knock out the competition!


We invite undergraduate students, specifically juniors (2nd,3rd year) and seniors (4th year), to participate in the Code Clash as a team of two.


    1. Teams can register for the competition at a fee of Rs. 1000 per team, which covers event management expenditures and prize money for the winners.
    2. Teams will be entertained on the first come first serve bases.


Participating teams must arrive no later than 11 AM and congregate in the designated waiting area.


    • Round One:
    • The first round of the coding competition will be a timed Coding Clash that assesses participants’ programming knowledge and problem-solving abilities. Teams will be given 3 programming tasks with varying level of difficulties. Participants will be given a set amount of time to complete the test. The score for each team will be based on the number of tasks solved correctly (in this round only the correctness of the solution will be evaluated).
    • Round Two:
    • Top 10 Teams will advance to the second and final round of the competition, where they will have the opportunity to compete for the top prizes. The problems in this round will have higher level of difficulty. Participants will be given a set amount of time to work on the problems and submit their solutions. The solutions will be evaluated based on their correctness, efficiency, and adherence to best coding practices.

Award and Prize Money Distribution:

Towards the end of the coding competition, certificates and prize money will be awarded to the winners.

    1. First Prize: PKR 10K
    2. Second Prize: PKR 5K
    3. Third Prize: PKR 3K