The Department of Computer Science is proud to announce that it is hosting ITEC 2023, a national level event aimed at promoting collaboration between universities, industry, and alumni. The event is scheduled to take place from May 23th to 24th, 2023, and will be a fully-packed two-day festivity, featuring a broad range of activities for students, faculty, and industry partners.

The theme of ITEC 2023 is ‘Synergy to Grow’, and we are excited to offer a diverse lineup of events that reflect this theme. The following events will be featured at ITEC 2023:

    1. PhD Poster Design
    2. Exhibition
    3. Project Exhibition
    4. Career Fair
    5. Coding Competition
    6. Logo Design Competition
    7. Non-Technical Events
    8. Technical Workshops
    9. Quiz Competition
    10. Gaming Competitions
    11. Alumni Meet and Greet

We invite all interested parties to participate in ITEC 2023 and be a part of this exciting opportunity to promote innovation, collaboration, and growth in the field of Computer Science.

Who can participate:

  • Industry partners (Sponsors)
  • Academic partners (full scale departmental participation in competitions)
  • Alumni (Crowdsourcing partners)
  • Students (Ofcourse you are the star. The event wants to see what you have got to show!).